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Tourism and the sea

The relationship between the sea and the tourist phenomenon assumes an increasingly and always renewed importance in current times. Indeed, the sea has always established different and distant bridges of contact and exchange between peoples and cultures throughout history. Such encounters, happening in distances which the sea brings closer, pioneered the quest of the unknown and itineraries accomplishment. Itineraries where other paths were designed which later times returned as itineraries brought back as territories and flows of Humanity.

Contemporaneous tourism has given the sea new dimensions and potentialities of cultural, economic and social nature. Therefore, it is imperative to bring together researchers, professors, students, tourism agents, policy makers responsible for the targeted area and scholars in general. This will allow to exchange experiences, to access research results, to increase projects and evaluation data, creating fresh perspectives in tourism development in their multidimensional connection with the sea while immense resource in terms of transport and recreation in the framework of sustainable activities implementation.

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Instituto Superior de Ciências Empresariais e do Turismo

Higher Education Institute of Management and Tourism

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